Saturday, December 26, 2009

10 days of BLISS

I am usually off for a good 10 days for the holidays and my favorite thing to do is to turn on the heater, slip on my slippers, pour some hot chocolate, make some popcorn, open a bag of cookies (notice I didn't mention baking them myself) bury myself in my big purple blanket (which actually needs to be thrown out, since I've had it FOREVER), and re-watch some of those old movies I only watch this time of year. Man, that was a workout just mentioning how I prepare to relax. Whoo I think maybe I need to add some more shopping to REALLY relax. Or maybe I'll do some of those great DIY projects I've been seeing.

How do you relax?

Pssst I did do some vintage shopping the other day, cant wait to show you what I got!


  1. Sounds sooo nice! I pretty much do the same thing- only that I'd kindly request my sister make me some cookies :)

  2. Have a good realx time! I am a big Audrey fun and some of these movies can watch all the time)
    Interesting blog