Thursday, December 17, 2009

California Layers

Sometimes Im so jealous of those dreamy places where they actually have seasons.  You know the ones Im talking about...the ones with the orange and red leaves on the sidewalk you step on, on your way to the nearest Starbucks.  Maybe days where you wake up and discover a blanket of snow on your front lawn. Until that is...winter actually comes and I find myself wondering how Ill layer. If I lived in a state or country where we really had "winter" I think the dressing process would be pretty simple... tights tights and more tights.  Thats what makes California even harder. Am I putting on too much? Will it be hot later? Should I layer more? Will I get cold later? Ugh, endless disaster possibilities. Thats where thigh highs come in for me. I was inspired 3 years ago by all the girls in Japan that deal with a similar weather dilemma. Ive been hooked ever since. I wear them...a lot (some might say too much) but nonetheless they have been my trusty friends throughout the cold (not really) California winters. Bring on El Nino!

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