Monday, December 21, 2009

How Do I Do Rodarte?

So, I was utterly shocked when I arrived at Target yesterday at 7 o' not find some Rodarte garments left. I was even more surprised to find the one dress I wanted (screenprinted leopard lace) in a size 3!! Without trying it on I grabbed it and ran....only to stop in my tracks and grab this mustard yellow lace cardigan as well. Out the door with my recycled bag in hand with the biggest grin on my face...much to the dismay of the holiday shoppers with the look of utter confusion on their faces.
Then....I got home. As I type, I remember the sadness that befell on me at 7:30PM yesterday evening. I stepped into the leopard dress admiring the cute bows so ingenuously sewn onto the back...perfectly centered. Only to be let down by the ill tempered zipper! Oh it worked's the bust area that wasn't working for me.....a good 7 minutes later I got it zipped. I thought to myself, "I don't need to actual move in this right?"...Nah! Then when I looked in the mirror, I realized how ridiculous I looked. It was entirely too tight on the top and too loose.....way too loose on the bottom. Well at least I have the cardigan right?


  1. I just checked out their collection online today!! I love the yellow sweater on you! xoxoxoox

  2. the cardigan is so pretty. you rock it so good. haven't been to target to check Rodarte out. but i will soon. holiday bustle is really exhausting.


  3. lovely.
    i love otk boots paired with animal-print tights. so chic!