Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tweed-y Bird

I ventured into Goodwill last week (Benaydrl in hand) and picked up not 1 but 2 gorgeous tweed jackets. This one already had nice sized shoulder pads in them which was perfect cause I wanted to wear it right away. I love being able to spend only $10 on a good quality little blazer!

So, I think everyone knows that I'm a G-Star nut. I love the detailing they incorporate into everything and the jeans ALWAYS fit perfectly, no alterations necessary. I have a million pairs (well maybe like 20 pairs) but who's counting right? The details on these cotton green military pants I got a few months ago are amazing. Definitely worth saving up for since they are a bit pricey. So worth it in my opinion.
I try not to take too many pics of them for the blog.....don't want you to go stir crazy now, would I?


  1. I love your outfit. Especially the tweed jacket. I bought none just like it in a thrift shop the other day. I also bought a Burberry Jacket in their for just £16.99.........!
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  2. Great outfit. Those pants are great & so are your shoes!