Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekend Buys Chapter 1

Okay so I wanted to only show you 1 of the things I bought over the weekend..your going to get 4 instead. I couldn't help myself! I bought the red shoes on Saturday in L.A. at Santee Alley. These were $15, I bought a purple pair as well...hey for that cheap you can have a couple colors, right? I am IN LOVE with the pearl bracelet I bought at the Pasadena Rose Bowl swap meet...it has real pearls and the abalone shell cameo is amazing! This lady in the antique section, imports jewelry from India. She said at the gem yards they usually toss the imperfect gems such as sapphires and turquoise stones....but to her good fortune (as I must say to mine too) someone started making jewelry out of it. I don't know about you but I like a diamond in the rough! Its still a diamond right? None of us are perfect so why should we expect any less from a gem or stone. She's been selling this jewelry for 30 years from the same stall at the swap meet. I plan on going back every month to get another piece. They are beautiful and definitely items I would love to pass on to my children.
I also bought this vintage mens brown leather belt at the swap meet, there were literally hundreds to choose from...for $4! Last but not least I bought this little nighty jumper from F21 in Santa Monica. Even though they are shorts they fit nicely under my skirt without any bulges....nice. And for only $11.


  1. Omg I am drooling over the heels. The stud backs are perfection

  2. Oh my god, those shoes!! Can't explain how much I love them :) Visit me; http://mypeachprincess.blogspot.com/
    xx. Peach Princess ♥

  3. Those shoes are fab I think I might start crying. ;)
    Love the outfit. Tres chic.


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  6. The shoes are beauties. Love the bracelet too.


  7. I love the studded shoes! To die for.

  8. love your outfits!


  9. looooooove your blacelet! it's very romantic!

  10. oh, that bracelet is gorgeous! love the shoes!