Sunday, February 14, 2010

100 followers! giveaway!

i made it to 100 followers today! im in shock...really, ive been doing this blog steadily since the second week in december and can not believe how quickly we got to 100. i say "we" because i obviously couldn't have done it without YOU! im not the best with words but i hope you all know how much each and everyone of your comments means to me...i started this blog at a low and frustrating time in my life and the positivity and sense of community i have felt is overwhelming!
i wanted to do a little giveaway...
a brand new cheetah print wallet with contrasting red piping and inside lining. it has a squeeze snap closure (which happens to be my favorite...cause you can stuff a lot of receipts inside) and a zipper pocket on the back side for coins.
all you have to do is:
become a follower
make a comment (make sure to leave your email address!)
winner will be randomly selected on thursday feb 18


  1. that wallet is so cute! who makes it?

  2. Oooh count me in :)
    Congrats on reaching 100 followers! I remember when I got to 3 digits I was really excited also, haha

  3. Congrats with 100 followers ;)

    Help me out:

  4. Yay!!! love the little wallet! Your skirts are adorable as well!
    You go girl!
    Thanks for offering..

  5. CONGRATS on reaching 100 followers! I started reading your blog 2 months ago and am really impressed. Keep up the awesome work!

    Also, I can't get enough of your socks. You inspired me to go on a shopping spree for socks :o)

    Thanks for the giveaway. If I have a chance, I'm at:


  6. 100! awesome! My blog hasn't started out well I started first week of Janurary and only have 2 followers, but I will get there! lol Thanks for the giveaway! Hope i win!

  7. Yay for 100! i would love to have that wallet. thanks for the heads up dear!


  8. Congrats on the 100 mark! =) Love the wallet and the blog!

    (I'd leave my email, but I don't like to put it out there publicly =P )

  9. Loooove that wallet <3 <3
    Please, count me in :)

  10. I love cheetah print and this wallet} <3
    Please count me in ;}