Saturday, February 27, 2010

the doc is in

so i know im on a spending...freeze...budget....whatever...but i was at buffalo
exchange yesterday and i found a few great things and thought i would share them with you.
as you know i have a few pairs of army boots but ive been reminiscing about my monkey 
boots from high school and although these arent "them"....i love docs just the same and i was excited to find these for $35...did i mention these are 20 hole! i also picked up another pair of military boots that fit a little better than the ones i have at home, a ralph lauren military 
inspired denim jacket and a few other items....stopped at urban outfitters too and picked up a 
couple items from the sale rack. um...yeah and another pair of boots! these dolce vita boots 
were originally $295 and I got them for $39....and they are all leather! perfect for prague!


  1. looks like you made some good finds!
    think you have a great blog! look at my blog, if you want :) maybe we can follow each other? :)

    xx mona

  2. I love everything you bought you seem to be able to find some great bargains! I wish I could say the same for myself, I guess that is what got me into this whole shopping ban situation that I am in right now. I cannot buy anything until April!

    From Dolly

  3. ohmygosh you found some steals girl! all of this stuff is absolutely gorgeous- im jealous! haha
    adore your blog- will be back soon!

  4. New post on the blog of the two young french girl Olivia & Mariam.

    Photos in Bordeaux, come and see it!
    Kisses from France

  5. I love beacons closet and buffalo exchange. Cool items, i need a pair of docs myself

  6. ooo that florally thing look interesting ;)