Thursday, March 18, 2010

czech p4

im home! its funny that you can have so many mixed emotions about returning from a trip. sad to leave such an amazing and inspirational place, sad to come home to unwanted expectations and yet happy to be around familiar places and people i love.
these pics are from sunday on our way to vienna. i think this was by far my favorite outfit of the trip. the dreary day needed to be enlightened by some much needed color. i got a lot of looks from the very conservative natives of czech. ive been looking for the perfect pair of blue tights since i saw them on the g-star runway and since the states seem to only be carrying spring items now i was lucky to find these at the h&m in czech.
tights-h&m, leg warmers-h&m, skirt-f21, sweater-new yorker, cardi-f21, babushka-czech vendor

playing around with the shutter speed on my camara

4 hr ride to vienna...babushka off (btw i know thats not the appropriate term for the hat..but thats what ive always called them so...sorry)

arriving in vienna and look....more stairs.....

our cute room in vienna, family owned and so quaint


  1. Lovely pictures my dear :) Vacations - to me - are bitter sweet! I love vacations more than anything... but when I get home it's so nice to sleep in my own bed :)



  2. looks like u had a wonderful vacation! lovely pictures!:)

  3. love that reflection photo! gorgeous.

  4. LOVE the Cossack cap!