Friday, March 12, 2010


wow after being on a plane for 13 hrs, then on a bus, then on the metro and then aimlessly walking around trying to find our hotel weve made it! its really say the least. 
i was actually quite impressed with our first meal. we found a cute pub about 10 minutes from our hotel and i got the chicken breast skewer, "american" potatoes (we call them fries) and fried garlic was that good!! and i tried my first streudel..delicious! now off to explore.
my twitter wasnt working a bit yesterday but it should be fine today so make sure your following me!

 ignore the look......its been a long day!!

dinner! and i thought they had nothing but pork....


the cutest and most patient pup....he gladly and quietly sat next to his owner all night!

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  1. that sounds like a wonderful pub. And this puppy is the cutest ever sitting on this barstool :)