Sunday, March 7, 2010

lab coat

ive been looking for a perfect white blazer for quite awhile. its the first thing i look for when im in a thrift store...but they are always too big, too small or they have seen better days. i found this one at target of all places and its great. i think it gives any outfit a little bit of sophistication. i found this striped cardi at urban outfitters and because it was missing a button i got it for $20 so i cut off the remaining buttons and replaced them with these little grey ship ones. i love the little gold detail on them.
whats one of your favorite budget pieces?
blazer-target, cardi-urban outfitters, skirt-san diego boutique, otk socks-american apparel, tee-diesel, boots-aldo


  1. big fan of the leg warms and skirt!! looks great

    -He approves

  2. Fabulous outfit, I LOVE the lace, and burgundy stockings. Honestly I love the whole thing, head to toe. Can't wait for your next post!



  3. i love the way you use the lace! its fabulus!! and very creative!!