Wednesday, March 3, 2010


kind of a simple "dressy" outfit..but i wanted to show off my new tights...i actually got them a few weeks ago and finally wore them. when i first put them on i didnt really pay attention to the seams on the back and they looked weird....all twisted grotesque veins on the legs of a creepy tim burton character. speaking of which, cant wait to see alice in wonderland!!
emma at fashion wonderland graciously gave me a blog award on monday! thank you, thank you!
10 things that make me happy.....hmmmmm
-the smiles of my family and friends
-hysterically laughing with my mom and sister
-the anticipation of getting on a another country (best feeling ever)
-dancing around to the ting tings
-laced docs
-the smell of the ocean
-my feet in the sand
-finishing a book
-skinny caramel latte from starbucks (and only starbucks) mmmmm good
-reading all your comments, one of the best parts of my day!
10 blogs i want to pass this on to...check them out! 


  1. you are so beautiful. And i like the seam in your stockings, very chic =)
    Thanks for following spindizzyfall


  2. lo lo love those tights... i actually want a pair also that necklace is rather tasty too hehe!!

  3. U look gorgeous! Luv ur outfit! Hope ur well xxx

  4. FABULOUS look
    loving the tights, the pumps, the necklace
    gorgeous darling
    thanks for sharing
    love the blog, keep it up


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  6. Love the dress! So fierce : )

  7. nice lace top! :)

  8. love the 3rd pic!! it is just so cute!! so the dress!!