Monday, April 26, 2010


i bought this jacket from zara i think about 2 years ago and i love finding new
ways to incorporate it into my ever evolving wardrobe. its one of those staples i 
just cant part with. to my delight, there was this beautiful editorial in last 
months vogue (hmmm i think it was vogue). where a frilly skirt was paired with a 
gorgeous military jacket. i cut out the pic and saved it in my inspirational folder 
for an appropriate day when staring glassy eyed into my closet wondering what in 
the world i was going to wear would not suffice as being an excuse for being 
late to work. so i guess you could say it was a ready made outfit and i didnt even 
have to purchase anything new! its a win win situation!
jacket-zara, skirt-f21, tank-la garment district, shoes-la garment district, socks-target

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