Wednesday, April 28, 2010

lost and found

told tryin out the flowers and really they are not to bad. specially when there is black somewhere in there. ooh and i found these little grey gloves in now mind you i didnt actually wear the gloves into work not because of the fact that ANYTHING out of the ordinary (im talking literally jeans and tees) gets ridiculously picked apart....its just that the gloves are not really feasible for working on the computer all day.

hmmm...i think i might have lost my sd card to my camara and im freakin out! i have been looking for it everywhere. it has all my pics from czech and i havent been able to download them all sad.
ill scour my car tomorrow.
skirt-f21, shirt-f21, jacket-austria shop, shoes-charlotte russe, socks-target


  1. just found your blog and im really loving it, and you have great hair btw!!

  2. amazing skirt! love your shoes, too <33

  3. I just saw your outfit on weardrobe and I knew I had to check out your blog. I'm glad I did too, cause you are rocking the girlish-grunge! :D