Monday, April 5, 2010

sunday best

so i was excited to wear my new double breasted trench yesterday. i was thrilled to find it in the perfect shade of green, which happens to be my favorite color! and it was $10, seriously! i got it in la in the garment district.
on another note....why is it that we seem to over eat whenever we are out of our element? whether im traveling for work or for vacation i want to eat everything in sight....good thing im never usually gone more than a week! ugh!
went thrifting today and got a colorful carpet bag, some boots, a red blazer and a black dress with gold embroidery from india.
what shall we do tomorrow??
jacket-store in la?, dress-new yorker, fur-h&m, shoes-top shop


  1. wow i have been looking for a pair of those heels everywhere.. they look amazing!
    i love your blog!!

    if your bored check out my blog :)