Monday, October 4, 2010


2 points today....1. i will always love wallet/pocket/belt loop adds that sense of badassness to any pair of trousers and since i see myself wearing several pairs this fall..thats the only way i can make them me. you might not like them but i always will.....hey im a product of the 90's what can i say....
2. charles colton once said "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" that so? obviously i have a blog to voice my opinion..whatever thats worth...but its also my sounding board about the struggles/issues/ideas and altogether nonsense...that i call my life. something ive always struggled with is imitation, when is it imitation and when is it flattery....really who knows....we all love a good pair of shoes that are very similar to those pricey ones we cant afford. i will be 1st to admit i quickly open my wallet at f21 or h&m when something comes in thats looks way too close to something i fell in love with on the runway. we all do it to a certain extent, right? so why do i get irritated? maybe its because trying to find out who you are as an individual in a world of copies/imitations and false..well everything is hard no matter how you slice it. when you find yourself (as best you can) its hard to deal with when its been mimicked...for me i feel like ive been thrown right back into that melting pot with everyone else. 
even as i write this i get frustrated with myself and want to do that 3rd person lecture....heather, you have a blog, your on FB and twitter...get over it. when i think of my favorite artists/writers/actors/musicians/bloggers....they all have 1 thing in common, they are very distinct in their own right but they seem to always be reinventing themselves. 
i guess they only thing i can say is. like what YOU like, accept yourself, be inspired to create and to explore things that you have always had an interest in. dont do it for anyone else but you....dont do it because your not happy with yourself or your situation....
wow that felt good.....
pants-f21, top-prague, shoes-la, loop chain-HK

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