Monday, December 13, 2010

my wEEKend in hIPSTas

a new feature added to my blog "my weekend in hipstas" im pretty horrible at posting during weekends so i thought i would include a synopsis of it on monday. the only bummer about last weekend was that i didnt quite think of the idea until i had already went to a company luncheon and a gorgeous bridal luncheon/ you are stuck with disneyland pics....sorry. pretty irritated with the fact that outfit pics are pretty horrible quality because of the lighting inside...gotta figure it out somehow. 
on another more happy note....i won a bet and my prize was my new creepers..eek. flashback central!
luv! stay tuned tomorrow for 4 in 13...10
luv the multi colored chairs
new additions to my growing list of "must" snacks at dland. jalapeno cheese pretzel and black pepper popcorn...yum!
the view from the gondola at california adventure....note to self....make sure to eat after....not before.

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