Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a SUPer dupER deLiCious 2010

well 4 days into the new year and im finally posting about last year. talk about procrastination. no...seriously i just got back from visiting the in laws in seattle...pretty much havent been able to breath until today.
i cant believe its been a year! the new year pretty much marks the anniversary of this blog as well...give or take a couple weeks. what a crazy year its been too...ive been through some crazy life altering situations full of many MANY tears and some laughs as well. youve been with me along the way and although i may not always discuss the things im going through..your support is shown just by stopping by. i feel like ive actually matured as a blogger as well. im sure fellow bloggers feel the same. i have more confidence in who i am and how i dress as well as what my goals and aspirations are...who knew a little ol' narcissistic blog could change someones mind set...ha! thanks for a great 2010. i welcome 2011 with open arms. with all my heart....luv!!


  1. wow! these shots really show that you had a great year!
    I´m sure this year will be as great as 2010 for you!
    amazing blog !

  2. all 12 are amazing! i think feb is my favorite :)


  3. Great outfits!! And I bet 2011 will be even better for you!

  4. Love thisss, such great looks !


  5. FOund your blog from the daybook. and your outfits are AMAZING!!!