Sunday, November 14, 2010


i ran 4.34 miles today...and discovered bridges and pathways ive never seen before. its awesome to find undiscovered areas and new landscapes literally in my backyard. i look forward to the next time i can explore again.
i picked up this dress in a random store i frequent in hb....its my hole in the wall cheap and trendy stop, when i dont have time or the funds to visit my other fav store..barneys co op. which is pretty much never it seems like lately. it originally had bat wings...which for some reason totally bug i sewed them up.
now i love it!
dress-fashion young, shoes-f21, hat-santee alley, belt-betsey johnson, new tassel necklace-thrifted in hillcrest

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  1. I adore this dress!!! Everything about it is FAB!! The print, the colors, and the fit. I've never found shoes this cute at F21 either....