Tuesday, October 30, 2012

tips (thrifting)

thrift store shopping is great for finding a bargain and adding items to your wardrobe or your home for little cost.
if your apprehensive about going into a second hand store because of your upbringing....ahem...like me. remember as an adult it will be YOUR choice whether or not you leave with jeans that not only are 10 years old but are ill fitting and smell like the cat lady across the street. not your mothers (sorry mom).
stick to a few simple rules and i promise you will succeed.
many people ask me if i go into a shop knowing exactly what i want. the answer is NO, so dont fret if your in the same boat. of course sometimes im focused on a specific piece but not always. so that takes us to our 1st point.

1. learn to look for a. color; b. texture and c. style. if they're in a heap, dig in and pull!
color and texture should leap out at you just by running your eyes over the top or sides of the clothing racks. this takes care of the need to pull out every item.

2. texture is really important - you should become familiar by eyesight with high quality fabrics and knits such as high quality cotton, cashmere, linen, silk, natural fabrics etc so that you focus on these. look for classic styles which don't date easily.

3. check closely for stains, tears, mended parts, stretched stitching (often hard to repair) and marks. only get items in good condition or capable of an easy repair.

4. try on everything and really critique how you feel in it, will it fit in with "your style" and your closet. if so, buy it!

items i frequently thrift are: levis (big, old, holey..you name it) they are perfect for cut off jean shorts in the summer and every once in a while i come across a perfectly worn in pair of "boyfriend" jeans.
i have quite the collection of silk button tops from dvf (as pictured) they are timeless and really can be dressed up or down.
i also buy a lot of blazers (always look in the boys section!)
thrifting home goods....next
enjoy! ♥

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